We design accounts to match your finances with your lifestyle. For those on the go and others who want to slow down, at HeritageBank of the South our accounts and services work together to make managing your finances easy, convenient and rewarding.

Personal Checking

You can have it all—interest, no balance requirements on deposits, and the free services you expect. Or, you can stick with the basics. With a HeritageBank checking account, you pick and choose the services you need and the perks you want. All HeritageBank checking accounts offer FREE online banking with bill pay, mobile banking, Visa® check cards and exceptional customer service.


Personal Savings

HeritageBank makes saving easy. No matter what you’re saving for—education, retirement, an emergency fund—we have the account to fit your needs. First-time savers benefit from our low minimum balance savings account. Those looking for higher yields can shop our array of money market and CD options. Free direct deposit and automatic account transfers make saving seamless and effortless.


Convenient Services

Simple, efficient and convenient—our services make it easy to bank without traveling to the Bank. HeritageBank’s array of services give you the option to manage your money online, at the ATM or over the phone. Best of all, you can take advantage of our convenient services for FREE.


Loan Services

Whether you are in the market for a new home, looking to purchase a vehicle or want to use the equity in your property to improve your life, HeritageBank of the South has financing options to meet your needs. Mortgages, vehicle loans and lines of credit are all available through HeritageBank of the South. Your HeritageBank personal loan officer will show you our many finance options and help you choose the plan best for your financial goals.

Credit Cards

Increase your buying power with a HeritageBank Platinum Visa® Credit Card. Shop with your card anywhere Visa® is accepted. Plus, enjoy member benefits such as online account access and payment options.